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 Are you ready to make your own decisions about the services you need?

Older Australians and People with a Disability have known for a while that they will now have greater say in the way that their services will be provided to them. For many this has been a daunting change and are concerned that this will affect existing provisions of service, complicate the relationship and rely on a whole new set of skills which they feel they do not have.

But is this all really new to most of us?

The last few decades have seen a marked shift in the way consumers view themselves. Most consumers are now empowered and savvy. They know exactly what they want the minute they put on their consumer hat as they’ve done the research, looked at the reviews and checked out the prices. They march in in a position of power and are rarely victims of fast-talking sales people.

It’s really not much different when weighing up services/products in the Health/Social arena.
Providers of services are keen to listen to your needs so use those consumer skills to access the best tailored services possible.

If you’re pretty sure that your skills in this area might still be lacking then call our team at Northside who can help you through the process.