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1-On-1 Coaching Sessions for Parents


1-On-1 Coaching Sessions for Parents tailor-made for Carers

1-On-1 Parenting Course Overview

Godelieve Hofman-Verkuyl is an accredited and highly experienced Educator and Coach ,
specialized in Parenting and Youth issues. She has over 15 years experience assisting families in
creating respectful, understanding and supportive relationships between parent & child. She is
trained in a range of research-based parenting programs (COS, Tuning into Kids/Teens, Triple P,
Parenting Children with ADHD, Cool Kids) and programs for children in the areas of anger,
anxiety (CHILLAX, RAGE). Godelieve delivers tailor-made parenting programs to assist parents
specifically in the areas where they need some extra support. Following her passion for working
with young carers, siblings, and foster children, she offers programs with a specific focus these
children and teenagers experience.

3 sessions of 2.5 hour each

Session 1
Understanding our children’s/teenager’s behaviours & emotions
The role of the parent

Session 2
Understanding behaviours in the context of being a young carer/sibling
Normalising and accepting emotions
Taking on the role of Emotion Coach
Strategies to work with at home

Session 3
Reflection on home practice
Fine tuning new roles & strategies
How to go from here

INVESTMENT $440 (couples are welcome!)
BOOKINGS 0425 256 989