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COVID-19 Update: January 2021


From Monday 18th January, Your Side will resume our face to face group events and outings, including DARTS, CHSP Social Support and NDIS social groups. This is possible because of ongoing low case numbers in Sydney after the Avalon and Berala clusters.

All NSW Health COVID-19 regulations will be followed, including wearing masks unless eating and social distancing.

We will prioritise outings that are predominately outdoors and minimise exposure to high traffic sites to reduce risk.

If you have any symptoms or have been to any sites listed on the NSW Health lists here you will be asked not to come and to follow health advice to isolate and test.

Our team continues to monitor the case numbers each day and will adjust our responses accordingly. We are delighted to be able to keep offering these outings that are so loved and so positive for our community, and we thank our clients, staff and volunteers for following all COVID-19 safe precautions so that we can continue to serve.


Your Side continues to have a policy of PPE being essential for ALL our services in Sydney. If your worker for some reason is not wearing it let us know straight away and you have the right to not have them in your home.


Please check the NSW HEALTH website regularly for areas of concern.

If you have been to any listed locations:

  • Get a test then go home and self-isolate immediately
  • Inform Your Side so we can trace back contacts in our services and help rearrange your supports.

There are lots of additional testing locations in areas of concern.

We are very confident that we have the processes in place to manage this outbreak, and that our communication with you and our partners is very strong. Together we will make sure essential services get delivered whilst keeping everyone safe. Don’t hesitate to ring our friendly team with any questions: our first priority is keeping you safe and supported.

Our health teams and contact tracers are doing an amazing job and it’s our role together to help them bring this under control quickly.


  1. Minimise movement around the community in all of Sydney.
  2. Wear a mask in public, especially at places like the supermarket, public transport or a place of worship.
  3. Keep 1.5m distant from others.
  4. Wash your hands regularly

We will send further updates as the situation develops so keep an eye on our social media, our COVID-19 website page and emails.


  1. All workers will wear a mask in your home or where distance can’t be kept.
  2. All workers will wash their hands or sanitise before and after they see you.
  3. All workers will stay away if they have any symptoms like runny nose or sore throat. We will arrange for someone else to come and see you but bear with us if this takes a little time.
  4. All workers will stay away if they have a fever over 37.5 degrees.
  5. All workers will stay away if they have been in any hotspots identified by the NSW Government
  6. All workers will ask you how you are at the start of every visit. If you have any symptoms, a fever, or have been in a hotspot you must tell us. We will help support you to get tested to keep everyone safe, and help plan for how to manage if you need to isolate.


  • Stay informed by following advice from the Australian Department of Health. Advice may change daily so go straight to the main source, don’t rely on social media.
  • Prevent the spread by basic standard hygiene (hand washing with warm water and soap for 20 secs, cough etiquette, social distancing).
  • If you suspect you have been in contact with someone diagnosed with COVID-19, contact the 24 Hour Government Helpline for advice on 1800 020 080, and let Your Side know by calling 1300 134 332.
  • The latest advice from the Department of Health can be found HERE, including more on the above and advice in different languages regularly updated.
Your Side Customer Care Contact Details:
Ph: 1300 134 332