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DARTS Fresh Tracks

On Friday 10 March, Northside joined the Honourable Ray Williams MP, the Minister for Disability Services, Jonathan O’Dea MP, Member for Davidson and other VIP’s to celebrate the fantastic service, Fresh Tracks.

Fresh Tracks assists people with a disability to safely use recumbent bikes and hand cycles to regain independence and improve fitness. Northside proudly supports this program by transporting our clients to the cycling track in St Ives.

Northside, provides transport and disability supports under our DARTS service which is vital in allowing clients to access social, recreational and community activities like Fresh Tracks. Contact Dita or Kay on 1300 134 332 to register your interest in events such as Fresh Tracks and other activities.

As part of the day’s celebration, Fresh Tracks was also celebrating the kind donation of cycles and a leg brace kit to the program. Fresh Tracks participant Warren Dwyer told of the importance of the program in his rehabilitation after having a stroke. For more on Warren’s story, see