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Help navigating the NDIS

As a registered NDIS provider Your Side believes that you should be able to choose the supports that suit your individual goals and lifestyle.

But we also know that even after you’ve got a plan, it can be really hard to work out the best way to use it, and then to find the right providers to make your plan come to life.

That’s why we developed our TOTAL CARE model. We want to know what Your NDIS looks like – we’re here to listen.


You will get a dedicated Your Side NDIS Care Consultant who you know by their first name, who is your contact, and gets to know you and your situation. As NDIS experts they can help you work out how to get the most from your package, and then they will do the legwork of matching you to the right combination of services with the right frontline team. This gives you unrivalled choice and control.

We’ve seen so many participants and carers who are exhausted by some of the more complicated aspects of the NDIS.

Some of the areas our Care Consultants help you with include:

  • Discussing your plan and arranging quotes for different combinations of services in a package that suits you.
  • Quality checking a selection of providers that can meet your needs.
  • Setting up and scheduling services with a combination of providers that can deliver personal care, cleaning, community access, allied health, and more. We can fill many of the services you are likely to need on your plan.
  • Doing all of the ringing around to rearrange if one of your workers is sick and can’t make a service.
  • Helping you to give feedback and fix problems if you aren’t happy with a service. We are professionals, and we can help deliver constructive feedback to workers so you feel safe and can get the right service for you. If it’s not working out, we can find and help you to change to a new worker or service, without having to sign a new service agreement.

Our clients tell us our service reduces their stress because our NDIS Care Consultants help to track, arrange, and rearrange services and can handle multiple requests – everything from cleaning to community access, personal care, and allied health. You don’t need to keep explaining your needs to different providers.

As you near the end date of your plan, the Your Side NDIS team can assist by arranging a support letter and/or quote to help with future planning. Having multiple services with us means you do not need to chase support letters from multiple providers. It’s a one stop shop, and you know your contact by name, leaving you to get on with living life, not arranging care. Your Side, Your NDIS team!

What services do we provide?

We can help you with:

  • Support getting ready for the day
  • Helping you with household tasks and cleaning
  • Personal care such as showering and toileting
  • Helping you feel good with healthy, nourishing meals
  • Travel support to get out and about in your community and meet-up with friends
  • Allied Health services
  • Exercise, health and fitness

All managed by your personal customer care consultant who helps you choose and manage your combination of services.

We also offer all clients free membership to Community Circle, our group that offers a friendly, supportive way for people to access information about disability and aged care services.

Our NDIS services include:

Help for those who care for you

Do you know about Carer Gateway?

This service provides the respite and support carers need to look after their own health and wellbeing alongside their caring role through the program.

This includes:

We not only look after NDIS participants; we can refer your carers for additional support. This allows carers to access supports and funding to prevent carer burnout.

Did you know that the Carer Gateway:  

  • Doesn’t affect NDIS funding
  • It isn’t means tested
  • Doesn’t affect any other benefits you may be receiving
  • Has no complex access forms
  • Doesn’t require doctor’s reports or certificates
  • Is available for all carers who care for participants

How to contact Your Side’s friendly and expert NDIS Team:

Call: 1300 134 332

Email: ndis@yourside.org.au

Refer online here

How to access the Carer Gateway: 

Call the Carer Gateway direct number on 1800 422 737

Fill out the intake form here on our website