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A New Partnership With Hit 100

A New Partnership With Hit 100 To Achieve Improved Health Outcomes for Persons Living With Disability.


Hit 100 and Northside Community Forum today announced a Partnership that will promote better health outcomes for persons living with disability across the Northern Sydney region of NSW.

Hit 100, an innovative new NDIS provider of health coaching and healthy home-delivered meals, joins the established Northside Community Forum who for the last 30 years has been helping people meet their needs to live their best life. The Partnership between Hit 100 and Northside Community Forum represents the commitment of the two organisations to a future of better health for people with disability.

“We’re excited to continue to grow our positive impact on the health behaviours of Australians living with disability.” Hit 100 CEO Karn Ghosh said.

“The NDIS, while not without its challenges, presents an incredible opportunity for collaboration and partnership to improve services and outcomes for consumers, and we believe our partnership with Northside is a bold step into the future.”

Both organisations share the values of innovation, an outcomes-focused approach and the promotion of choice and control for people with disabilities in the emerging NDIS marketplace.

Danielle Ballantine, Northside CEO said; “Northside is extremely excited to be partnering with Hit 100, who we see to be an innovative health solution for the emerging NDIS market.”

“We have partnered with Hit 100 for a positive change as they share a common belief in supporting individuals and communities that enable them to live their best life. Hit 100 sits well within Northside’s service delivery model to provide the right service at the right time at the right price.

“Northside recognises that people with a disability are currently navigating a complex system of multiple service providers with very little integration or care for the person’s life outcomes. Our partnership with Hit 100 is an important step in Northside becoming a total care solution for people with a disability and their carers.”

“Northside and Hit 100 thoroughly explored each other’s service to make sure that the partnership is meaningful and that it also adds value to participants needs. We look forward to a positive future with Hit 100 and our new approach for community care for people with disability.”

Both companies believe creating successful Partnerships within the new NDIS marketplace will path the way to better support for its Participants by ensuring value-for-money, increase efficiency, and promote co-living support services therefore benefiting the goals and results of persons living with disability services under the Australian NDIS participant community.


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