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Northside helps seniors to stay in their homes longer

In a story featured on Channel 9 News, Your Side helped secure the latest funding and technology in a solution that helps seniors to stay in their own homes for longer. Eager to avoid a nursing home, Norma (81) agreed to let her son and carer Warren install a network of encrypted security cameras around her home so that he can check to see if she’s safe while he’s away.

We guided Warren and his elderly mum through the latest funding and technology available so that he may come to this workable and innovative solution. This allows Norma to continue living independently in her own Sydney home where she’s lived for the past 55 years. It also gives Warren the peace of mind to know that his mum is safe at all times and enables him to work and balance his caring responsibilities at the same time. He can check the cameras on his smartphone app while he’s away and can even control the environment such as heating and air conditioning through smart home technology.

Our CEO, Danielle Ballantine, comments “Keeping people independent at home actually keeps them healthier for longer.

As the number of people over the age of 65 is expected to double by 2026, there is no doubt that more families will be seeking these types of solutions to care for their loved ones.

You can view the news video + story on the Channel 9 News website here: ‘Nanna cams’ helping elderly to live at home longer