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Northside Volunteer Awarded Volunteer of the Year


We’re pleased to share that Northside volunteer, Norman Wong, was recently awarded Volunteer of the Year at the Third Sector Awards in Melbourne. Norman was incredibly humble and was charismatic giving a thank you speech to a room of over 200 people.   He was certainly the hero of the night with many people approaching him to congratulate him.  

Norman was nominated for his longstanding contribution to the DARTS program. He retired in 2002 and wanted to give back to the community, volunteering with our DARTS program ever since. The DARTS program provides social and recreational door-to-door transport for adults with a disability and wheelchair users across Sydney. Norman, aged 82, has chalked up 682 trips in total!

Norman is a charismatic, dedicated individual of strong values and ethics which is important in an active volunteering role working with people with disability. He has enormous respect for the clients he supports and they are extremely appreciative of his level of respect and care. We’d like to share a few things clients and others had to say about him.

“Norman Wong has been an exceptional and outstanding volunteer for DARTS for many years. Norman is a real gem – kind, patient and a very understanding gentleman. He seems to relate well to any age group. He shows a lot of empathy toward members looking out for everyone on our trips.” – Client

“I had the pleasure to work with Norman Wong on my very first day volunteering with Northside on a DARTS trip. Norman looked after the welfare and the needs of the members and the volunteers. He is a great team member and an inspirational team leader.” – Fellow volunteer

The Third Sector awards are dedicated to celebrating and recognising the best not-for-profit practices around Australia. Third Sector, in partnership with the Centre for Social Impact and a team of judges scores hundreds of entries across multiple five key criteria:

SOCIAL IMPACT: The volunteer has actively contributed to the third sector in a meaningful and impactful way.
OUTCOMES MEASUREMENT: The volunteer has created positive, measurable benefits for the organisation’s stakeholders, and the third sector as a whole.
INNOVATION: The volunteer has a unique approach to their role.
COLLABORATION: The volunteer has a proven capacity to collaborate with other stakeholders within the third sector.
LEADERSHIP: The volunteer demonstrates leadership of the organisation, the system and self.

We’re so proud of Norman and his achievement. We truly appreciate his work and dedication to volunteering. On behalf of the entire Northside team, thank you Norman.