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Student Placement Story Madeline and Katarina

We came to Sydney for a study abroad program from New York University in the United States. Our program lasted for approximately four months. NYU found Northside as an opportunity for the two of us to gain research experience in a new setting. During our few months, Northside allowed us to create a research project. The goals of the project were to identify younger persons with disabilities that live in aged care services and facilities, offer participation in our DARTS program (social engagement), and then administer psychological well-being surveys to analyse if the quality of life of each individual improved.

We are sad that our time at Northside is coming to a close. Northside has provided us with an opportunity that will benefit our future in healthcare. All of the workers at Northside created a positive and engaging environment that we looked forward to being a part of each week. Doing this research has opened our eyes to the effects of misplacement in aged care facilities and the importance of social engagement. We will carry the information gained with us back to the U.S. and throughout our future careers.

We would like to thank Northside for a memorable experience! Our study abroad experience would not have been as impactful without all of your support!

Madeline and Katarina