Total Care
in the NDIS

CHARLIE has Self-Care services with Your Side four times a week. The care worker who provides his self-care assists Charlie with his morning routine of washing his face, having a shave and prompting Charlie to brush his teeth. Together they cook some meals and freeze them for the week ahead, using groceries that Charlie’s brother brings to the house. Charlie sometimes likes to go and do the grocery shopping himself and so he calls Your Side to book a Community Access service. Charlie has support to help choose a recipe, write a shopping list, and then go to the grocery store and complete his own shopping. Charlie is learning to budget and plan ahead for these services, building his independence and confidence in the community.

Note: Self-Care and Community Access both come from CORE Supports – Daily Activities and Assistance with Social and Community Participation.

  • Charlie’s NDIS Care Consultant at Your Side helped him to decide the best type of services and frequency of those services to suit his schedule.
  • The Your Side partnerships team consulted and quality assured a network of frontline service providers to make sure Charlie has options.
  • The team sent Charlie a short list of care worker profiles so that he could choose his own care workers and find the best match for him.
  • For Charlie, his NDIS Care Consultant works with him to book in his morning routine, grocery shopping times and cooking plans to completely suit him and fit his budget. Charlie is in control and Your Side is simply here to work alongside and support him.

Our friendly team is here to help NDIS clients like Charlie get the most from their NDIS plan to support their daily lifestyle goals.

KYLIE engages Your Side care workers to support her to get out of bed in the mornings. Kylie originally needed two care workers as she had a hoist that required two staff to help her. However, Kylie booked in an Occupational Therapy Assessment through Your Side, and it was found that she could use a different hoist that only needs one care worker to operate. With support from Your Side, Kylie started using the new hoist with only one care worker, which meant she could save some of her Self-Care funds for other supports she had wanted to access like a regular cleaning and gardening service.

Note: Self-Care comes from CORE Supports – Daily Activities; Occupational Therapy comes from Capacity Building funding.

  • Kylie’s NDIS Care Consultant at Your Side helped her find the best care workers by liaising with four different partner providers to pull together a dedicated and passionate team of workers to fill a 7 day a week roster. This included back-up and emergency care workers.
  • This coordination took the stress away from Kylie whilst also giving her the confidence to live as independently as possible.
  • Kylie’s NDIS Care Consultant also suggested working with an Occupational Therapist and arranged the consultations so that the correct hoist could be put in place for Kylie’s comfort, peace of mind and to ensure only one care worker was needed to get her out of bed in the morning.
  • This meant there were additional NDIS funds available for Kylie to spend on herself. It was the expert advice from our dedicated and knowledgeable NDIS Care Consultant than meant Kylie didn’t need to pay for extra care workers and got more hours of care out of her plan.
  • Our experienced consultants book various services for Kylie from our quality checked provider network.

Your Side’s NDIS experts can help you get the most from your package, so you can live the life you choose and do the things you love with all of the support you need. You will get to know us on a first-name basis: Your Side, your NDIS team.

MATTHEW loves gardening and engages a gardener through Your Side to tend to his plants and mow the lawn so he can access his garden beds with his wheelchair, and trim the hedges. Matthew’s interest in gardening prompted his Your Side Consultant to ask if he would like to go out to a garden centre and choose some new plants. Your Side arranged a Care Worker and a wheelchair-accessible vehicle so that Matthew could go out into the community and purchase some new plants for his beautiful garden. The Care Worker was happy to assist Matthew to plant his new plants, and Matthew regularly talks with his gardener about how well his garden is doing.

Note: Gardening and Community Access both come from CORE Supports – Daily Activities and Assistance with Social and Community Participation.

  • Matthew’s NDIS Care Consultant organised and coordinated gardening services to fit around Matthew’s schedule.
  • The NDIS team helped to find Matthew care workers that were also interested in gardening to ensure a strong connection that helped Matthew reach his goal of creating a beautiful garden.
  • His consultant also found a provider that could use a wheelchair accessible vehicle so Matthew could go the garden centre and choose his plants himself.

At Your Side, we believe that you should choose the right care that suits your individual goals and lifestyle. Our expert and experienced NDIS team will give you greater choice and enhance your independence and wellbeing. Our Care Consultants are here to provide you with all the disability support services under one roof to help you achieve your independence goals.