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Why are older people not using their home care packages?

Did you know as many as 45% of older people say they don’t understand how to activate their home care package? We can help.

A significant proportion of older Australians are confused on how to access their home care packages citing various reasons from not understanding how to activate their package to having difficulties choosing a provider.

45% of older people said they did not understand how to activate their package.

Reasons cited were:
“I didn’t understand the government letter I received.”
“I need more time than the current 56 days to select a provider.”
“I am still deciding if I want to access a home care package at this point in time.”

25% of the 30,057 home care packages released by the government at 26 May 2017 were new packages.
16% of the 30,057 released home care packages allocated were considered high priority.
33% of home care packages were assigned to consumers as an upgrade from a lower level package. 

We can guide you through the process of securing government funding to getting a wide range of support services tailored to you. Your Side does it all. 

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When you choose us as your Health and Wellness Partner, we can provide you a whole range of home care services to meet your needs and you only have to deal with us. This saves you the time and hassle of having to call around to organise different services through multiple organisations.

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At Your Side, we put our customers first. We are committed to providing the supports and services that are important to you. Our focus will always be on offering a high standard of care and service choice based on your needs so that you can enjoy your best life.

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