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In the continuous journey of finding available services and advocating for the right services, the power and choice is once again, in the hands of the consumer.

Many would have described their journey of caring for someone as a battle with the system. Finding out the services they are entitled to often seem to be a matter of luck – getting them, a matter of great fortune. The NDIS aims to change the game. The power and the funding are now in your hands and the NDIS is designed to help you choose what you want as a support and who you want to deliver it.

“However, what we are seeing at the beginning stages are people reluctant to go out and shop for services because they fear losing their current supports. The market is not shaped yet and we want to see the community push the market by being better informed and feeling empowered” said Snow Li, Community Circle Coordinator at Northside.

Northside’s recent free NDIS workshop ‘Things You Need to Know about Your Plan’ for carers and people with disability did this by breaking the plan into chunks of information. Participants of the workshop reported being able to better understand the link between the goals and the budget and how best to approach services to meet the goals.

We are gathering information as we go; from our clients, the NDIA and other services. What we are doing is using our knowledge, quickly translating it into plain English and delivering it to the community. The goal is that the community is informed. That’s what empowerment is all about” Snow said, reiterating the aims of the Community Circle workshops.

Before this workshop, there were 3 other free NDIS related seminars delivered to members of Community Circle – a 300+ strong community. Equally relevant to empowering people, they were;

Your Rights! Purchasing Services under NDIS

NDIS Innovation Forum

NDIS Progress Catch-Up

We inform the community about their rights under NDIS, the supports they can have and the funding available. We organise ‘Catch-Up’ meetings for carers to share information and connect, and we bring all the services to ONE room so they can choose what suits them best, with their loved ones.’ Snow continued.

Community Circle launched over six months ago. It has produced more than 20 original information resources and 4 original workshops. There is no selection criteria to join the community and everyone is welcome. The program covers topics related to disability services, aged care, mental health, and carers. From the changes to the aged pension to tips on how to set boundaries, Seizure First Aid to Explaining the newly proposed Mental Health Fifth Plan. It is aimed at providing a bridge between the community of customers and service providers. It is empowerment to go!

You will start to receive monthly original resources and information about workshops from us. We look forward to seeing you soon.