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Your Side Expanding Across Sydney

Evolving the Your Side identity and providing the Sydney metro region with Total Care Disability Services in Sydney

At Your Side, our vision is that every person can live their best life.

We put our customers first. Everything we do is designed to give our customers greater independence, greater choice, and a greater sense of wellbeing and lifestyle.

The NDIS was rolled out to provide people with disability with more control over the services they require in their daily lives, but some have found that managing a wide variety of providers to be overwhelming and costly.

We’ve identified that people with NDIS funding needed support in receiving care across all types of service, to meet all their needs. These services aren’t just limited to health and disability-related suppliers, but also organisations who offer household and garden maintenance, disability transport services, social activities and food and diet management.

That’s why in July 2017 we launched Total Care, a CoService model whereby we can provide a “one-stop-shop” for all of our clients’ service needs whether they are living with disability or ageing at home independently.

CEO Danielle Ballantine says: “The aim of our service is that we do the hard work on behalf of the NDIS recipient. We procure the best suppliers in the region, match our customers up with the most appropriate services and make sure it’s at the right price-point so that people can afford it.”

Expanding Across Sydney’s Eastern, Western and Southern Regions

Your Side – as it originally provided services to residents on Sydney’s North Shore and Northern Beaches – is now expanding to cover 30 Local Government Areas (LGAs) across Sydney’s entire metro region.

We’re evolving our identity from Your Side to Your Side to reflect this change, complete with a new logo revealed. We have been fortunate enough to have clients across Sydney seek our services and it seemed appropriate that our name recognises our full service offering and activities.

Your Side Logo


The new Your Side offices will be located at Bondi Junction to service the Eastern suburbs, Liverpool and Parramatta to service the Western suburbs, and Rockdale for the Southern suburbs and the Shire region.

Over 1 million people live with a disability in the Greater Sydney region and will now have the opportunity to avail of the service.

Your Side’s service is the first known social enterprise acting as a major purchaser for services under the NDIS scheme, with 100% of profits returning to the program.


Our new website URL will be and our new primary contact email address will be You can still reach us at the previous website and email addresses.

We would like to reassure you that we will continue to operate in our current structure, and your contacts in the Customer Care Team will remain unchanged. Other than these visible changes, there is no change in ownership and no change in staff.  We will be located in other regions in Sydney, but our headquarters will remain in Chatswood and our phone and fax numbers and mailing address will remain the same.

With 30 years of service excellence in the social services sector, we are committed to your health and wellness and look forward to continue to grow and serve you under our new name.

Local businesses interested in becoming a supplier partner can contact Your Side’s Partnerships Managers Sophie Stevens-Radford or Ross Lewis on 02 8405 4444 and people with disability interested in consultations can call the Customer Care number on 1300 134 332.