I was interested in music at an early age of 6 years.

I started to learn and play the guitar; sang and played the old cowboy songs when I was about ten, because at that time, only cowboys played guitar. I played guitar and sang at school concerts and charity events.

Then in 1956 someone approached me to play in a rock band. I was the backing vocalist at the time, although I sang about 6 of my own solos at gigs. After playing with the group for a year, the band broke up.

With some of my friends we started a quartet, with me as the lead singer we played dance music at nightclubs. Then after about four years our drummer decided to join the big bands, so we broke up again.

I was once again approached to join a dance band, again as the lead singer, playing at corporate functions, weddings and parties. Then disco came in and the group bands faded out.

Then I decided to go solo, singing with backing tracks, also playing at clubs and parties until I left South Africa.

When I arrived here ten years ago, I had nothing to do.

I joined a Seniors Club at Rhodes at which a lady sang all the Carpenters Songs, then after the show she stood at the door, where I congratulated her and said that I sang the same type of songs in South Africa, to which she said “Oh you Sing do you?” and asked me for my phone number. I gave my number to her not really thinking about anything at the time.

Then about three months later she gave me a call and said to meet her at Gloria Jeans in Macquarie Park. We chatted about various things, and then she gave me two singing jobs, to which I replied, “But you have not heard me yet,” to which she replied, “I’ll take the chance and if I don’t like you, you’ll never hear from me again”. Then I had to go out and buy some equipment as I had sold all my equipment before I left South Africa. Well the gigs haven’t stopped since then.

After people had heard me at these functions, I got calls to perform at other Seniors Clubs, also performed at lot for the Anglican Retirement Villages Functions and other private functions. Then I got a permit to busk in the city, also started performing at the “Royal Easter Show” after a very successful audition. Next year will be my fourth year at the show.

Patrick Liberty is a client of the Social Support program and regularly attends the bus outings with his wife, Eunice. Patrick’s dazzling vocal stylings will be shared at the Social Support Program’s Christmas Party.

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