Tara’s story of “Uplift” for Young Carers

17 January 2018 - 2 minutes read

TaraMeet Tara, a young carer who cares for her mum and brother. She is a member of our Young Carers of Northern Sydney program.

Recently we held a competition asking young carers to help us rename our quarterly magazine. Tara won with her entry, “Uplift.” This is her story:

“We were sitting on the couch watching a movie when mum told me about the (Young Carers newsletter naming) competition. We were both trying our hardest to think of a name. We said a few but none really worked until we said ‘Uplift.’ The name is meant to represent what the Northside Young Carers program brings to us (young carers and families) and what it does…it UPLIFTS us from those times to help people in our family who need it the most.

Then at my birthday party, mum gave me a box wrapped in wrapping paper. I opened it and got told that I had
won the naming competition. I couldn’t believe it – I actually won! I really wanted an iPad. This means I can
use it next year when I go to high school. Thank you so much Young Carers.”

Tara’s mum Kristie remarked that they loved working on the name together and it was a lovely way for them
to bond. Tara cares for her mum and brother and has been with the Young Carers Program for about 3 years. She
enjoyed attending a number of activities including the Easter Show, Outdoor Camp, cooking, rock climbing,
laser tag, bowling and more.