Update #3 The NDIS – Join Pip and Rosemary as they share their Journey

11 November 2016 - 2 minutes read

AS previously written Pip received a letter from NDIS saying that she had been approved by the NDIS and that they weresmall satisfied that the supports specified in the plan are REASONABLE AND NECESSARY in accordance with Section 34 of the National Disability Insurance Scheme 2013 (NDIS Act). Attached to the letter was a Budget for Pip.

This budget was divided into the following categories:-
1. Assistive Technology
2. Improved daily living
3. Support Coordination
4. Transport
5. Core Supports

The letter did not stipulate what the next steps were.
So I rang the NDIS number…1800 555 677 … and spoke to an NDIS representative and after some confusion about client confidentiality I eventually established my authority as her mother and Guardian to act on her behalf.
The next step was to set up a Portal with the NDIS for Pip.
The NDIS representative talked me through setting up the Portal.
The representative was unclear about how I would go about putting all the services into Agreements for the Services National Disability Insurance Scheme and whether the Local Area Coordinator would come back and speak with us as she had indicated.

I then rang Lisa who had assisted us with the planning process and she said I should contact all Pip’s service providers and get a budget from each before I sign the agreements so that I can work out how much of the Core Supports budget I can allocate to each service.

I contacted the Service which provides Pip’s personal Care.
The service claims that to date they have not been able to get on the Website of NDIS as the website has been down.

According to Pip’s budget all service invoices will be sent to NDIS for payment except transport. I am to pay for them and be reimbursed.
The process has been a steep learning curve for all of us but I’m sure that next year it will all feel a little more comfortable.

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