The NDIS – Join Pip and Rosemary as they share their Journey

8 September 2016 - 3 minutes read


Pippy has been a DARTS (Disabled Alternative Road Travel Service- A division of Northside) member for more than 20 years enjoying a range of social activities and meeting a broad range of friends. Pippy was diagnosed with Cerebral Ataxia at the age of 16 and has been permanently in a wheelchair since then.

Her mother Rosemary is Pippy’s full time carer and works tirelessly to support Pippy’s needs and maintain an independent life. We interviewed Rosemary regarding the process she has experienced when navigating NDIS, This is the steps that Rosemary and Pippy have already been through Pippy and Rosemary are sharing their story in the hope that their experience will assist you in your NDIS journey.

Pippy has had a package from Family and Community Services (FACS) for most of this time and also accesses services from other community organisations.

Early in 2016 FACS contacted Pippy advising that they had forwarded her details to the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) in preparation for the roll out of the National Disability Scheme (NDIS) in Sydney’s north from 1 July 2016.

In April the NDIA wrote to Pip giving her a Reference Number. In May, Gabriel, an NDIA representative contacted Pip and conducted a telephone interview of about 30 minutes asking questions about her medical conditions, services she is currently using and her current and future needs and goals.

In May Pippy received a letter from the NDIS advising her that she meets the access requirements necessary to become an NDIS participant. CCNB has commenced helping Pip with a plan which will help her when she attends a planning meeting with her NDIS representative, known as a Local Area Coordinator.

The plan asks Pip to describe

– her daily life,

– her living arrangements,

– current supports from other people,

– assistance with daily care,

– programs she attends and

– participation in community, social and civic duties.

– types of aids she uses, home modifications she needs and

– her goals over the next few years.

Once this plan has been completed the NDIS representative will contact Pippy and set up a meeting to discuss her plan face to face.

In the next newsletter we will continue to follow Pippy on her NDIS journey. In the meantime if you are ready to start your NDIS journey contact Marise or Marina on 02 8405 4444