Update #2-The Pip and Rosemary Story – Visit from Local Area coordinator for NDIS

13 September 2016 - 4 minutes read

From Rosemary and Pip Flannery

We continue on our NDIS journey

The NDIS will send either an interviewer who is known as a Local Area Coordinator or an interviewer from the NDIA. We smallhad two ladies who are Local Area Coordinators (LAC’s) and work for Uniting Pymble. They were both very personable. They come with a computer and record all answers to questions they pose.

We had filled in our Participant Statement which runs to 12 pages and attached a copy of the DARTS Supports Document plus a list of the exercises carers do with Pip each day to strengthen her legs. I gave a copy of all of the above to each interviewer. They did not look at those copies whilst here but took them with them.

The questions they posed were to do with the topics which are outlined in the Participant Statement. E.g. Daily Life, Living Arrangements, Relationships and supports, Current supports, Type of equipment used.

Then they asked about GOALS. For example, goals regarding education, social participation, independence, living arrangements and health and well-being.

There were questions about transport to activities, medical, dental, beauty (Hair appointments) etc.

They asked to see Pip’s bedroom, with hoist, commode chair, wheelchair and how I get her out of bed and put her in the various chairs etc. bathroom, chair lift on stairs to downstairs.

They asked Pip questions such as was she happy living here, did she have any fears, if she was at risk what would she do, did she enjoy the outings that she went on etc.

They asked what I, as her carer, did for her.

With regard to the managing of money they suggest the best way is for the NDIS to manage the money but you can elect to manage it yourself or manage half of it and NDIS manage the other half. Managing it yourself may have problems in that you have to set up insurers, bank accounts etc.

The next step is that they go away and write the report and send it to the NDIA who then write up the Plan. This takes time and may be more than 6 weeks.  When the Plan is written, they get in touch with us again and come back to go through the Plan with us. The Plan is for 12 months.

Once the Plan is in operation you can request a review if there is significant change in circumstances.

They were here for one and one half hours. The lady in charge seemed very competent and as I saw she understood how carers and disabled people live and how difficult it can be at times.

She did ask me whether I thought I could look after Pip for the next 12 months. It’s a difficult question to answer as who knows what tomorrow holds.  However,  I did say Yes.

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