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Arthur’s Story

Arthur (a 75-year-old Asquith resident) lives alone. After experiencing a spinal injury in 2012 that left
him in a wheelchair he found it difficult to leave the house due to the challenges it presented and
soon quit going out altogether.

Flash forward to 2017, now 80 years old, Arthur hasn’t really left his home in over 3 years. Over
feeling socially isolated and frustrated at not being able to enjoy a greater variety of activities he once
used to do, he decided to try something different and got in touch with our Your Side team. He
participated in our DARTS Recreational Transport combined with social activity planning program for wheelchair users. There he made friends with another participant who gave him the confidence and boost he needed to
do more trips.

He now regularly catches buses and trains and travels all around Sydney on his own. Through
Your Side’s Total Home Care, Arthur was able to regain his independence, his confidence, and make the
most of each day.

“Your Side helped me regain my independence and enjoy going out of the house again. I now regularly go out to enjoy activities and meet-up with friends.”

To find out more about our Disability Transport Services for wheelchair users or other Total Care services, call 1300 134 332 or email to speak to a friendly Customer Consultant.

*Arthur’s story is based on a real client’s experience. Names and photos have been altered to protect client privacy.