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A Home Care Package is an allocation of funds that allows you to purchase care services so you can remain living independently in your own home. Northside Customer Care Coordinators can guide you through the process of securing funding for a home care package, understanding what your care package level means, and provide you with a range of support services.

  • Meal Preparation

  • Medical & Mobility Equipment

  • Home Modifications

  • Laundry Service

  • Personal Care

  • Transportation

  • Cleaning & Household Tasks

  • Home Nursing

  • Gardening & Handyman Jobs

Look after your health + wellbeing at home with support that’s tailored to you.

Sometimes health, physical limitations or a lack of time can make it difficult to maintain your health and home the way you’d like. We can help you with these daily household tasks to make your life easier and your home more comfortable and safe. At Your Side, we listen to your needs and connect you with a range of health and home care services according to your home care package, NDIS plan or private funding so you can continue to live at home and do more of what you enjoy.

What is a Home Care Package?
A Home Care Package is an allocation of funds that allows you to purchase care services so you can remain living independently in your own home. Packages are designed to be flexible and adaptable to suit your needs.

There are four levels of home care packages available:

  • Level One: Support for people with basic care needs.
  • Level Two: Support for people with low level care needs.
  • Level Three: Support for people with intermediate care needs.
  • Level Four: Support for people with high level care needs.
What services are available in my Home Care Package?
Your Home Care Package can be used for products and services that support your health + wellbeing and help you to continue living independently at home. Home Care Services may include:

  • Cleaning & Household Tasks: Our friendly and professional cleaning staff can help you with wiping benchtops and cupboards, mopping and vacuuming floors, dusting, cleaning bathrooms, windows and spring cleaning your home.
  • Meal Preparation: Get assistance with meal preparation or get meals delivered so you can have nourishing food to feel good about. Dietitian coaching is available to help you with healthy eating advice and food intolerances.
  • Laundry Service: We’ll take care of your washing in-home or send it out for laundry service returned to you fresh and clean. We can also make up beds and assist with folding sheets and other linen.
  • Personal Care & Home Nursing: Get respectful assistance with personal care such as grooming, showering and dressing or get support to recover from medical procedures in the comfort of your own home.
  • Medical & Mobility Equipment: Enjoy your independence with equipment for medical and mobility requirements. We provide a range of equipment including mobility scooters, wheelchairs, bathroom and shower equipment, oxygen and more.
  • Home Modifications: Live independently and safely in your own home by modifying it to suit your needs. Modifications may include handrails and widening doorways, installation of ramps or bathroom and kitchen modifications.
  • Gardening & Handyman Jobs: We’ll help you with gardening and minor maintenance jobs such as lawn mowing, trimming shrubs, changing light bulbs, fitting alarms, replacing loose or broken pavers, and more.
  • Recreational Transport: Our DARTS transport service is the only door-to-door transport with activity planning for wheelchair users across Sydney. We take you to social outings, sporting events, shopping, theatres and more.
  • Shopping & Meeting Friends: We provide flexible transport options and social outings services that work with your schedule so you can meet up with friends for lunch, attend medical appointments, go shopping for groceries, attend physio or podiatry appointments, and more.
Working towards your goals
When designing your care package it is useful to think about your needs and goals. Your Case Manager can work with you to identify goals linking your services to outcomes. Goals could be related to your mobility, health and well-being or social activities.
How do I access a Home Care Package?
To access a Home Care Package, contact My Aged Care.

My Aged Care

Call 1800 200 422 or Visit www.myagedcare.gov.au

helen-senior-woman Helen’s Story

Helen cares for her husband, Robert, who has dementia. Caring for him is a full-time job and Helen has found it difficult to find time to manage the housework and catch up with friends. Feeling a little overwhelmed, she reached out to Northside for support.

Her Northside Customer Care Coordinator was able to guide her through the process of eligibility and securing government funding for support. Many of the services she didn’t realise she was eligible for. She used our gardening & handyman jobs service to have her balcony swept and cleaned up so she could enjoy sitting outside and to fix the odd jobs around the house she hadn’t had time to get to. She now has a cleaner come in fortnightly to tidy the house and gets fresh meals home-delivered to take the stress out of figuring out what to make for dinner each night.

Through connecting with Northside, Helen has also found resources and workshops to help her be better equipped to care for her husband living with dementia. Northside’s Total Care services have made a world of difference in both their daily lives and wellbeing.

“Having my balcony swept and tidied up allows me to feel comfortable sitting outside and enjoying the sunlight again.” – Helen, Northside Customer

Let us provide you the best services for your home care package.
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