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    live their best life.

About Us

Your Side Australia (also known as Your Northside) is a leading provider of support services for older people, people living with disability, mental health, and their carers throughout Sydney. Established 30 years ago, we’ve kept our commitment to give people greater choice and to enhance their independence and wellbeing. We continue to do that every day by providing our customers total care solutions as a one-stop shop for all your service needs. We have met with, selected, vetted and put together partnerships with high quality organisation so we can meet all your needs. 

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Our Service Promise

At Your Side Australia (also known as Your Northside), we put our customers first. Everything we do is designed to give our customers greater independence, greater choice, and a greater sense of wellbeing and lifestyle. This is why we consistently receive positive feedback, but we don’t rest there. We want to ensure we continue to meet your needs.

Our Values

Customer Focus

We recognise that the support and assistance we provide is critical to the wellbeing and independence of our customers. We respect their choices as individuals, and we understand and accept our responsibilty to be mindful and responsive to their needs.


We deliver reliable service outcomes to our clients, our service delivery partners, our funders and the community as a whole.


We act honestly, consistently, and transparently with one another and in the best interests of our customers and our funding bodies at all times. We are accountable for our actions and understand their importance to our clients and to the community.


We encourage innovation and improvement. We provide consistent quality leadership and financial efficiency. We are future focused and continue to develop our knowledge and skills to ensure that Your Northside is sustainable and effective into the future.

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