Client stories

Gabi’s story

Most 18 year olds are either at Uni, working, on a gap year or hanging out with friends. But Gabi Palme isn’t most 18 year olds. Gabi is a young carer. In fact, she is one of Australia’s 235,300 unpaid young carers under the age of 25. She cares for her 90 year old grandma, Elaine, who suffered from a stroke in January earlier this year. Both Gabi’s parents are in the teaching profession and work full time so she takes care of Elaine – who has moved into the family home.

Courtney’s story

Courtney looks after her mum, who has multiple sclerosis. She knows that carers need their own support, so they can continue to support the person they care for.

David and Mel’s stories

Both David and Mel look after members of their family. They have found that talking to other carers and counsellors makes a real difference to their lives.

Anne’s story

Anne cares for her partner, Edie, who has dementia. It’s a demanding, full-time role, balanced with love, trust and commitment.

Dolly’s story

Dolly cares for her 2 daughters – Gemma who has a mental health condition, and Sheena who has an intellectual disability. She finds respite helps her to enjoy caring again when she comes back home.

Rachel’s story

Rachel cares full time for her daughter, Emily, who is a quadriplegic. She has found caring is done best when it’s shared with family and friends.

Lac’s story

Lac cares for her brother Andrew, who was born with Down syndrome. Her role as a carer has guided her to a career as an occupational therapist.

Adnan’s story

Adnan is 15 years old. He cares for his mum, Lama, who has a disease that makes her muscles weak. He enjoys helping and doing things with her.