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Community Circle

When you’re caring for someone the journey can feel like a battle with the system. It’s often difficult to find out what services you’re entitled to and even more, how you can get those services. Reforms across aged care and disability change the game. The power and funding are now in your hands as you choose what support you want and who you want to deliver it.

“We are seeing that at the beginning stages people are reluctant to go out and shop for services because they fear losing their current supports. The market is not shaped yet and we want to see the community push the market by being better informed and feeling empowered.” – Snow Li, Community Circle Coordinator

 What is Community Circle?

Community Circle is a free program that puts the power in your hands by providing the resources you need to make an informed choice about the services and care that are right for you. You will have access to monthly information seminars and workshops covering topics related to disability, aged care, mental health and caregiving. You will also receive informative resources that will help you to better manage your own health, wellbeing and lifestyle choices.

There is no selection criteria to join the community and everyone is welcome. Join over 930 Community Circle members today!

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Thank you for timely sending me valuable information at all times. I appreciate your Community Circle service.

I appreciate being able to provide feedback for people living with mental health issues.

I appreciate being able to provide feedback for people living with mental health issues.