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Good News Story – A beary good month

What a busy period it has been for our Carer Gateway team! In the past month, we have held four retreats to give our carers the much needed time off from their caring role to rejuvenate.

It started with a getaway to the charming countryside of Berry. From kayaking, to yoga, to roasting marshmallows by a bonfire (a first time experience for some) our carers enjoyed a range of social activities whilst building meaningful relationships with each other.

“Just being able to be myself and laugh with other carers is an awesome gift” said Sarah*, a carer on the Berry retreat.  

It was the same for Kim*, “I felt really cared for and valued. I felt connected to my peers and feel as if my personality has come back” she said.  

These retreats extended to Maraylya and Terrigal.

Not only did our carers walk away feeling “refreshed, relaxed, and connected” but also “empowered” from the workshops organised by our team. These workshops were designed to help support carers in their role. They were encouraged to explore connections with the community, developed practical strategies to find purpose in their daily life and were reminded to take care of themselves.

And overwhelmingly by far, that was the biggest takeaway – the reminder to love and care for themselves. Being a carer is a tiring and often time consuming task. It’s easy for carers to neglect their needs.

A big congratulations to Esme and Marise who led these retreats, their hard work cannot be understated. They were very much part of what made the experience special for our carers.

The Carer Gateway is a program that provides in-person, phone and online services and support to carers. This includes peer support, counselling and opportunities for retreats such as the above.

For more information or to get connected, you can call our team on 1800 422 737 between 8am – 5pm Monday – Friday or visit http://www.carergateway.gov.au

*Names have been changed for privacy purposes